IQ testing & correlation with success – “People at the bottom of the scale – with an IQ below 70 – are considered mentally disabled.  A score of 100 is average; you probably need to be just above that mark to be able to handle college.  To get into and succeed in a reasonably competitive graduate program, meanwhile, you probably need an IQ of at least 115.  In general, the higher your score, the more education you’ll get, the more money you’re likely to make, and believe it or not – the longer you’ll live.

But there’s a catch.  The relationship between success and IQ works only up to a point.  Once someone has reached an IQ of somewhere around 120, having additional IQ points doesn’t seem to transate into any measurable real-world advantage. ”  Malcolm Gladwell.

“IQ differences in this upper part of the scale are generally of lesser importance for success in the popular sense than are certain traits of personality and character.”  Arthur Jensen (“The IQ fundamentalist”).

“A mature scientist with an adult IQ of 130 is as likely to win a Nobel Prize as is one whose IQ is 180.”  Liam Hudson (British psychologist).


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