Contribution Currency

Success is the by-product

By Penny Power, Know me, like me, follow me – awesome book, buy it! [MS]

The most critical aspect of being a citizen in the world of social networks will be your ability to contribute to others.  Success is the by-product – the result of being a team player.  If you target success and have that as your only reason for spending time on a site then you will never achieve it.  Success comes because of your willingness to share, listen, help and contribute to the success of others.

In many ways the online world is no different to the offline world.  If you moved home into a new town or village, you would not broadcast a message from a bar stool and dish out your business card.  You would find a bar or club you liked, quietly sit down, listen, observe and, when ready, you would begin to have conversations.  I would guess that you would ask many questions of the existing residents.  You would ask them who are the good people to know in the neighbourhood.  When you needed a supplier, such as a decorator, electrician or plumber, you would ask for recommendations.  The supplier who has a good reputation would be offered to you, due to trust and respect for how he/she has contributed to helping others when they were in need.  It all seems so obvious, yet why do people act so differently online?  Impatience to gain a result can be the death of your reputation inside a social network.

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