Here comes everybody

Great lecture on social networking/media – very impressive intellectual presentation by Clay Shirky.

Some great quotes:
 – ‘it seems to me that life has gotten to the point where the effects of the internet are now becoming broadly social enough that there is a general awareness that the internet isn’t a decoration on contemporary society it’s a challenge to it’
 – ‘the group gets better together’
 – ‘sharing plus conversation leaves this residue of instruction’
 – ‘they changed the world to make it more like they wanted it and once it changed they could stop doing it’
 – ‘sharing, conversation & collaboration are things that require in order more synchronisation of the individual with the group’ … ‘the fourth fund in the ladder’ …  ‘collective action is a pattern we’re going to see a lot more of in the future’
 – ‘William James the American philosopher once said “thinking is for doing”‘ … ‘we … have brains because we’re deciding between or preparing for courses of action’ … ‘publishing is for acting’
 – ‘Nothing says dicatorship like arresting people for eating icecream’
 – ‘Ridiculously easy group-forming improves: Sharing, Conversation, Collaboration, Collective Action’

By Clay Shirky.


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