What’s better than an Xmas card?

Yesterday morning I woke up excited by an idea.

I’ve been feeling guilty about not sending out an Xmas card to all my contacts. I didn’t send one this year because:

  • I’ve been busy/lazy and didn’t get around to it
  • Everyone else does that and at heart I’m a bit of a contrarian
  • When I receive a card I tend to reciprocate, say thanks & then … nothing
  • I thought I’d eventually come up with a better idea …

And so today I finally had an idea. You tell me if it was a good idea or not.

Instead of sending a card out that everyone’s likely to forget about or leave at just that I thought I’d send an invitation out to join an online community (Property Tribes) that:

  • They would really benefit from
  • Would benefit from their contribution
  • Is run by two people that have really helped me out this year (Nick & Vanessa)
  • Is occupied by many other hugely creative & supportive individuals (including John Corey)

I’m hugely passionate about property investment. It’s changed my life for the better in so many ways – however it also brings many challenges with it. In my humble opinion (and some of Darwins words) the art to surviving and thriving is to evolve quickly. To do so social creatures like us need help from others and I can see this group forming very effectively around it’s founding principles (and principals) and would like to encourage it. Remember the keys to a wise crowd (according to the brilliant James Surowiecki) are diversity, independence and decentralization – all of which I see in abundance in this forum.

If you think this was a good idea then perhaps you might like to consider inviting your contacts to join as well (you can just export your contacts into CSV format from outlook and invite them through the ‘invite’ page)? It also brings the added benefit of consolidating your valued contacts in a location in which you spend your time.

For all those who are already members of this forum my alternative to a [late] Xmas card is my short list of the best books I’ve read in 2009:

Understanding online social networking has been one of my top priorities this year – it would be the clear winner but it’s been a year of priorities this year and has had to compete with engagement, a baby and numerous financial challenges. For those of you that aren’t there yet (and believe me I’m not all the way there yet either) the books above should set you on the right track.

I believe next year (2010) will be the year we start to really get to grips with really harnessing the power of online co-operation. Now that’s really exciting !

An unfortunate update in the last day – Nick’s mum sadly passed away last night – even more reason to help me to help him to build up his property investment community.  Why not invite your property friends to also join Property Tribes and contribute to the site?
🙂 Martin
www.twitter.com/martinskinner – if you follow me I’ll follow you back.

p.s. Thomas Power (Ecademy) deserves the ultimate credit as the source of this idea. It was at his retreat earlier this year that he advocated migrating contacts into destination sites.


  1. I used to send all my clients a lottery ticket with note that said “here’s to a lucky 20xx”

    Not only did my sales director appreciate my low xmas pressie expense, my clients have always remembered it (and a few copied the idea).

    • What a great idea ! Duly noted, thanks 🙂

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