Overcoming Social Media Niggles

tennis niggle

tennis niggle?

Overcoming My Social Media Niggles

By Martin Skinner

The Christmas & New Year break this year gave me the opportunity to play with a lot of the sites and settings I’ve struggled to clear from my to-do list.

Two things in particular had been really frustrating me and I’ve now solved them so I thought I’d share the solutions just in case anyone else found them helpful.

Tweets away … incoming !!!

Twitter has been a revelation to me and I’m confident its’ real-time nature will be a force for good.

have you been flooded by tweets?

flooded by tweets?

With the help of research and expert assistance I’ve built up a half decent following in the time I’ve been experimenting with it.

Finding the right balance of breadth and depth of relationships with ‘followers’ is an evolving challenge and occupies many a great mind online.

Speaking as a first year student of the system it’s clear to me that following people back helps grow a following and is generally considered to be polite but it can make it difficult to keep track of close friends.

Setting up a Twitter list and importing it into Hootsuite or similar enables me to filter AND follow people back most of the time.

Facebook sensitivities
In my attempts to link up all the online social networks that are proliferating I’ve used friendfeed as a hub so I only have to post status updates in one place for them to be shown on a number of different destination sites.

Facebook niggle

Facebook niggle

However friends on sites like Facebook are very sensitive to too many tweets being fed through so I’ve been looking to filter them and found an excellent solution using Twitter favourites and a friendfeed account here.

I suggest avoiding responses like the “stop tweeting… I beg you” comment I got yesterday (sorry Jamie) by using an account with friendfeed just for the favourite tweets link to Facebook and test it carefully.

Those were mine, how about yours?
What frustrating little to-do-list items did you manage to overcome during the holidays?

what niggles did you overcome?

niggles, what niggles?


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  1. I’m glad to have been of help!

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